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Pharrell Williams - Smile

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I wish I could tell you how I feel
It don't make sense, trust me, I've tried
Nothing to prove, so I don't say nothin'
Just close my eyes, and I stand there
And I smile
I-I, I-I-I smile, for you

[Verse 1]
Never give up on the things that, that can make you smile
Even if it means you gotta crawl for a thousand miles
Don't you worry, about how far to go
Enjoy the journey, and you know who you know you know

(Cheers, cheers) Cause the moment they underestimate me, I win
(Cheers, cheers) To you, good life's success, good sex, and kids
(Cheers, cheers) What I got for you, they can't contain with lids
(Cheers, cheers) When I look into your eyes and see our kid


[Verse 2]
Your known life is full of pressure, but don't you break
Just know a smile is a curve that sets everything straight
So don't you hurry, take your time, I have no fear
Cause fear stands for, false evidence of appearin' real


I smile
I smile
I smile
I smile


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