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Gym Class Heroes - Home

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[Verse 1]
Im just an oxy moron in a a song wen im straight bent 
Intoxicated on subriedy, ironey makes sense 
Im tryin' to make a livin', you diyin' to pay the rent 
Why you liyin' for forgivness, when I aint givin' you shit 
My original plan was to live as a starvin' artist, but 
Starvin' artist die hungry, dress bummy 
OMG, LOL, capital HEO 
See alot of em' talk, half of em' aint paid 
Truthfully I walk it out, like dre say 
Bought my car on 106, but now its missin' like AJ 
I played it smart, with a little to the side 
Bought a bar in New York, where I sit and swallow my pride. 

I'm home, and they've been missin' me since ive been gone 
Thats why your missis been hittin' me on my phone 
Little man, had a plan, now he grown, not do along for to long 
Sing the song everybody, 
Im home 
Im home 
Im home 
Im home 
(Im home) 
I know ive been gone for to long, but im back, homecoming, haha, 
I know yall missed me, dont even play hahaha, im home now though 

[Verse 2]
Im back your boy did it 
Look how he shitted' on em' 
Hes like hard division 
Consider him a problem 
Subtract me from the game, now thats a bad equation 
Add the fact, this industrys wack, now check your calculations 
Hes the equivilent of Mc2, multiplied by eight kimbos, plain and simple 
When im not to the nearest tenth hell, its just a waist of time 
Im stingy, I only make sense to myself 
If welth was the truth, then it should by a mans happiness 
Why the hell you think im smilin' so hard while im rappin' this 
Eye yos fuckin ne yo, the whole world got there eye balls in my e-hole 
And thats why I keep the lies all close by, cause currency is dirty 
Especially when you got it stacked miles high 
They say mone changed me, thats a no no 
I just dont roll with bums, no hobo 


(Man gym class heroes is a real problem, you needa reconize that yall was actin' funny while is was gone, now we back haha ha ha) 

[Verse 3]
You tried livin' in the fast lane, but couldnt reach the pedals 
Now your so called life not as cool as jared ledos 
I give this whole rap game a purple tonsil (wow) 
Now thats what you get for acting hostel 
You can bite the hand that feeds you, but when it bites back 
You gon' get arrested developement cuffs and cardiac 
Im in my prime going harder than I should soo (uhhh) 
You little bastards takin' orders like good burger 
Spittin snaple facts, thats nonsense 
Read a couple books and you call yourself conshense 
The only reason ive been sleeping on music lately 
Cause yall aint makin' nuthin' slightly close to entertaning 
But thats entertaning, this is history 
If you aint on my level, dont even get at me 
Literally, I am what, you have been waiting for 
Gym class is now in session 
You aint gotta wait no more 


(and there you have it, gym class heroes baby, decaydence, cool and dre, back squad 08 aaaaaahhhhhh fuck outta here!)

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