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Flo Rida - Photo Bomb

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Bro, did you see that capa chick, header in night?
Yeah dude I think she wanna smash, she was all over me 
She total wants it, I mean how could she not?
Basecly ain't pack. But I don't know I'm pretty sure she that D miles last week-end 
And I heard this like crabs or something but then again she's dizzy 
So whatever man, don't judge me 
The grass make me feel play ball
I just wanna shut, I didn't clear my mind 
They be in place VIP or flip cup, girls like that shit 
Is it how do right there to get soft and smoother 
Dude photobomb 
Take a picture with the snap for the night shut 
Bright make it bump, make it drop 
'til I made this with the sock, but they tell them don't stop 
Put the miles on the clock, don't ever put a nigga on top of the guap 
Hit me with the guap, come another block 
Ypu don't wanna poop 
Poop with the wide but it's pop in the max 
Gotta blow in trees, try to get up from no guap 
Selfy, royalty, helthy, help me, help you, stop with that bullet 
Like Chelsey, Kelsey, Shelby, Melby girl you always come from the ...
Miss Sashy wanna patch me, from that part to the back sit 
Miss freaky, miss nasty 
You know she probably like all that 
Dude lat night was so addict, true story, 
I put a Viagra on Carry's beer and he got a ragy boner
And then Airboom walk up to me 
Couldn't stop laughing, it was liricly the gratesc moment in my life 
You miss it dude, it was pur magic
I thing he went home and cry that night 
What a pussy 
I feel my arms on her ass, you such a tool 
Wherever man, I'm over, 
I just wanna get wasted, and get need into puum 
Wow look at that note over there, take me Sofie 

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